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Feb 19, 2013 9:00pm PST
capital city of amoko. >> reporter: amina was planning to return home to gao after the french forces freed the city. now her hopes are dashed. she says when the rebels came, they vandalized her church and burned a bible. she said, they told us they had defeated jesus, but that is a lie. amin and others have found refuge in the capital city of acoko. each of them had stories of tragedy to tell. very sad stories, and they're in great need, especially for food and other supplies. workers with "operation blessing" are now on the ground in mali, providing these refugees beans and rice. they found shelter at some local churches, they still need nutritious meals. more than a quarter of a million malians are displaced. former muslim turned christian, abraham sissis says islamic militants would have killed him if he hadn't left timbuktu. he is thankful for cbn and caring americans. >> i am grateful for what you've done. we really appreciate it. thank you so much, "operation blessing." may god bless you. >> reporter: so as the struggle to liberate mali of armed militants continues, cbn and oth
Feb 12, 2013 9:00pm PST
. >> 80 years ago he wrote those words about the state of mainstream protestantism in new york city. >> reporter: while he didn't find sound theology in most of the churches in new york, he was inspired when he went to abissinian baptist church in harlem. >> everything about it touched his heart and moved him, so he went every single sunday not just to worship, but to teach sunday school. he got very involved. >> a white german in a black church beginning in the 1930s. >> it is amazing. he really was gripped by the whole idea of the racism and race relations in the u.s. there was nothing to compare this to in germany. this was an american problem. just a couple of years later, hitler becomes chancellor in 1933 and everything changes. suddenly bonhoffer is facing in germany exactly what he saw her. he saw a group of people, the jews, being mail mad made to be second-class citizens. he was one of the few christians who understood what he saw. it is a stunning thing to see how the churches and conservatives were co opted and snowed by adolph hitler. hitler was a genius in that he was p
Feb 5, 2013 9:00pm PST
french and malian forces are driving the rebels out of the cities and towns they have conquered, freeing the people who were forced to live under the horror of shari'a law. ephraim graham has the story. >> reporter: dall residents dancing in the streets, celebrating their town's liberation from islamic extremists. but that celebration soon turned to anger, with mali citizens looting islamic police headquarters, and lashing out against any sign of the 10 months of oppression they endured. in that time, islamist rebels amputated the hands of these two men for supporting the malian government. this man says islamic police cut my hand and showed it to the crowd. he says jihadists tortured me for three months before hacking my hand off in front of everyone. a fight against memories of the islamist oppression also played out here, in the streets of a newly liberated timbuktu. crowds attacking shops once owned by rebels. there are also many stories of torture in this town in the last 10 months, like public flogging. she recalls, i wanted to die. it was better to die than to live throug
Feb 26, 2013 9:00pm PST
. we found a print shop in the area in benghazi city. we found 45,000 christian books. >> reporter: the foreigners were reportedly printing pamphlets complaining christianity. the material was mostly directed towards children. but proselytizing in libya is a criminal offense, punishable by death, according to a law carried over from moammar gadhafi reign. >> we are a 100% muslim country. this issue is not negotiable. >> reporter: the four missionaries are in custody in benghazi. the group is made up of a swedish american, an egyptian, a south african, and a south korean. libyan officials allow sharif to speak to the media. he says he was brought here from the moment they arrested him. and that he has been treated respectfully and not abused. he went on to admit the group was in libya to spread christianity. an official presence said there were also espionage allegations against him because he refused to meet with anything anyone from his embassy. ramsey said he declined because he knew he would get little help from egypt. >> george: gary joins us now. he has been to libya since the
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4